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Creative Urethanes Wheels - Custom Manufactured, Recreational and Industrial.

Creative Urethanes began producing roller skate and skateboard wheels in 1970. The first wheels were designed by Vernon Heitfield for his son. Skateboard Wheels InLine Wheels

As a result of Vernon's groundbreaking design, skateboarding and roller skating developed, first as a fad, then as a multi-million dollar international market.

The phenomenal growth of these two sports was, in part, a result of Creative Urethanes' breakthroughs you expect from an industry leader.

Since creating the first wheels, Creative Urethanes has produced several million more. Today, three decades later, double shifts produce over 60,000 wheels each week, meeting the needs of a market Creative Urethanes helped create.

Urethane Skateboard Wheels:

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom molded urethane skate wheels, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service and products to our customers. Hopefully you will consider Creative Urethanes your supplier of choice.

High Performance Skateboard Wheels
Factory Tooling

Pricing Includes Choice of urethane formulas, custom or standard shapes, colors, and swirls.
Formula B Excellent abrasion resistance, very good performance and ride characteristics, suitable for a wide range of surface conditions, available in 95, 97, and, 99.
Formula A The best of "B" but harder and faster at 1O1A+.
Configuration Diameters 44-65mm, choose from in house shapes (Rounded, Regular, and Regular Modified) or your own custom shape. Download the demo drawings above by clicking on the links. They are .exe files that run in windows.

Industrial Wheels:

All of the various roller skate, skateboard or in-line wheels have utility in industrial applications as casters, conveying, rollers, chain tensioning etc. Contact us to about using our factory designs or to develop a custom design to fit a specific need.


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