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Urethane Molding Services

Creative Urethanes employs both CAST & RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) processes to create solutions for you. After thoroughly discussing your needs the experts at Creative Urethane can determine which is best for you.

A Custom Of Meeting Diverse NeedsReaction Injection Molding (RIM)
Providing guidance during the design process is the true test of Creative Urethanes' capabilities. Meeting this challenge requires a team with a proven track record. It requires in-house engineers, draftspeople and production managers.

It requires attention to every detail. Most importantly, meeting the custom challenge demands not only the ability to anticipate needs, but the ability to meet those needs in an expedient and cost effective manner.

Whatever your custom, urethane molding needs, from gears to rollers to OEM equipment, Creative Urethanes' experience and resources are an invaluable asset.

How Creative Urethanes serves you

Design Assistance... Based on Creative Urethanes' extensive urethane knowledge, they can suggest compounds that are best suited to your design needs; both in terms of mechanical and environmental criteria.

Cost-Efficient Prototypes... An experienced Creative Urethanes team can produce prototypes, then those prototypes can be altered, to meet what you, the customer, wants.

Advanced Moldmaking Technology... Creative Urethanes has the most advanced technologies available to meet your needs. Regardless of size or weight, if it can be made out of urethane, Creative Urethanes can make it.

Producing Results... After your custom part is tooled, production can begin immediately. Whether your run is 50,000 or 5, superior quality is guaranteed through the most stringent quality controls.

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