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Polyurethane Cast Molding

Creative Urethanes differs from other polyurethane companies because of our unique ability to customize practically any idea into a reality. All work is performed by highly-trained in-house engineers at our manufacturing facility in Winchester, VA.

At Creative Urethanes, we can provide you with the ability to customize your product solution by using one of the most innovative materials for industrial applications - polyurethane.

Polyurethane Cast MoldingWithin end use applications, you can benefit from polyurethane where aluminum, rubber, steel and other thermoplastic processes are now being used. In some cases, performance characteristics of polyurethane allow it to be used in applications where other materials simply do not function. In other instances, end-users select polyurethanes because they can out-perform other materials by a large margin in total installed cost.

Our vast experience with polyurethane chemistry allows us to tailor material performance to the parameters of our customer's application. Our in-house urethane molding design expertise gives us the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective tooling. Because of our work center approach to manufacturing, large or small order volumes can be handled in a timely manner.Urethane molded parts

In applications ranging from skateboard wheels to medical housings - relying on proven experience, abilities, and new technology - Creative Urethanes explores and develops new polyurethane molding applications everyday. By constantly searching for new and innovative solutions outside of traditional paths, Creative Urethanes has built and maintained a distinct reputation as a urethane industry leader.


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