Creative Urethanes’ Durastatic Abrasion Resistant Piping System


Durostatic AR Piping Systems

A full line of 100% polyurethane schedule 80 dimensioned pipe and components are available for use in a range of High Abrasion – High Wear environments.

Originally introduced to the international market place as “Slurry Pipe,” “Durostatic AR Pipe” has found rapidly expanding applications in many types of viscous fluids and particulate transportation systems. It is specifically designed for environments where abrasion and/or corrosion make other alternatives uneconomical from a maintenance perspective. In addition, superior flow rates and ease of installation can provide operational and installation savings. Manufactured using engineering-grade urethane polymers, the 50 PSI Durostatic AR System has an unmatched record for quality and dependability.

Specific design advantages associated with Durostatic AR are:

Based on ASTM wet sand test, Durostatic AR has a rating 12 times better than carbon steel and 15 times better than polyethylene.

Durostatic AR has the ability to withstand wide ranges of pH (5 to 10) in transport fluids while operating in temperature ranges comparable to other non-metallic materials.

Based on Hazen-Williams coefficient of 150, Durostatic AR has a minimum of 250% less resistance to flow than steel which may allow for the use of smaller cross sections and less costly pumping equipment.


Lightweight Durostatic AR can be easily fabricated using generally available connectors or adhesives. Durostatic AR piping systems are translucent in color which allows for visual inspection of the piping systems.

Technical Specs:

Operating Parameters
Physical Properties

Relative Abrasion Resistance
Chemical Resistance

Incinerated Waste
Coal Slurry
Ore Separation Systems
Sand/Grit Blast Return Lines
Sand/Polymer/Grain/Conveying Systems
Power Plant Scrubber Systems
Surface Preparation Equipment