Markets Creative Urethanes Serves:

  • Medical
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Truck
  • Marine
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Auto (after market)
  • Office Machines
  • Pool Products
  • Food Products Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Industrial Trucks & Stackers
  • Floor Cleaning Equipment


Creative Urethanes: A Corporate History

Founded in 1970, Creative Urethanes made a name for itself by creatively and quickly responding to emerging industrial and commercial needs.

Among Creative Urethanes' early accomplishments was the pioneering and manufacturing of the world's first polyurethane roller skate and skateboard wheels. As Creative Urethanes gained experience and expertise in urethane casting, they expanded into the challenge of custom molded urethane parts and products.

Creative Urethanes' growth was in response to customers' needs. Today, Creative Urethanes has proven expertise in a wide variety of urethane applications, including roller skate and skateboard wheels, custom molded parts, and Durostatic AR Piping Systems.

Creative Urethanes Facilities List

  • 4 Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) high pressure metering units with capabilities ranging from 25 pounds per minute to 240 pounds per minute. One with filled system capabilities, one with dual mixheads and mold clamps, and two with 3rd stream pigment metering. All with solid elastomer or foam chemistry capability, and programmable interface with molding clamps. All with state of the art "L" style three stream mixheads.
  • 3 continuous-delivery, low-pressure metering units. Dispensing capability from one pound to several hundred. Low to medium volume production with one unit integrated with conveyorized process oven. Two additional process ovens for manual production of larger or odd part geometries.
  • 3 volumetric (shot) low pressure metering units. Automatic and semi-automatc dispensing from 35-450 grams. High volume small parts production, 3 units integrated with programmable process ovens and conveyors.
  • 9 mold clamps from 10-75 tons, with maximum platen size of 48"x96", and 48" of daylight.
  • 6 secondary operation lathes, 2 with CNC retrofit 2 axis slides.
  • 10' x 24' process/postcure oven.
  • In-house assembly, including finishing and printing, with up to six color pad printing available.